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Answers to Frequently* Asked** Questions

*occasionally **by an antelope in a dream

Q: Where does the phrase “reliably adequate” come from?

A: While in college, I was briefly part of a semi-secret group of peer-to-peer counselors that you had to sort of audition to get into. In order to pass the test, you didn’t have to be perfect - you just had to clear the bar of “reliably adequate”. I loved that idea so much that it has become something of a life motto.

Q: Will you be offended if I unsubscribe/don’t subscribe?

A: No! I only want you to read these if you actually like them. But definitely tell me when you do like them because I live for praise.

Q: Do I have to pay anything?

A: Nope! This newsletter is totally free. Substack does allow writers to add paid subscription options, which I would love to do at some point if enough people would read it. For now, though, I would be absolutely chuffed if you would share any pieces that you really like with your friends. You can also tip me on Venmo @Liz-Royer-1, the proceeds of which will be invested directly back into the newsletter in the form of coffee.

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