The Five Stages of Finishing an Excellent Show

  1. Elation 

This was so good. It was so good. I can’t even explain how good it was.” 

“They totally nailed that ending. It was perfect.” 

“I’m so glad they didn’t drag it out for a million seasons. I’m glad that it’s over and that it ended well.” 

“I’m telling everyone to watch this.” 

  1. Wistfulness

“Aw, wait, I’m actually sad that it’s over. It was so great while it lasted.”

“Hang on, I’m Googling everything about the actors, production, and sequel rumors so I don’t have to let go of this feeling.”

“They said there might be a sequel! It’s scheduled for 2043.” 

  1. Anxiety

“I hope the sequel’s good. What if it’s not good?” 

“Wait, I can’t tell people to watch this show. What if they don’t like it?” 

“What if they watch it and then they sort of like it, but not enough, and not in the Correct Ways?”

“I have to stop Googling. If I see one negative review I will literally die.” 

“If I see a lukewarm review that doesn’t adequately account for all the things I feel are brilliant, personally, like the incredible characterization or the poignant, contemporary yet timeless themes, I will literally die.” 

  1. Depression

“I’ll never get to experience that show for the first time again.”

“I had something to look forward to every day, but now it’s over.” 

“How long will it be before I experience something like that again?”

“Is my life just a series of my own, arguably disproportionate reactions to bits of media, spread out over the course of however many years, until death?” 

  1. Integration into Self 

“You know what? I’ve learned something. I’ve experienced something truly powerful, something that took me on an emotional journey. Each of characters was transformed by the adventure, and so was I.” 

“I can accept that other people will have different reactions to this show, and that’s okay. I understand now that I happened to encounter this piece of art at a unique time in my life that allowed me to receive and interpret it in the best possible light. And that in and of itself is special.” 

“Great art both delights and instructs, as they say. It changes us for the better.” 

“This is why humans make art. We love telling each other stories and creating beautiful things to show each other. It’s actually extremely lovely that we do so. Our lives are made richer and more meaningful through this process of iteration and creativity.”

“Yes, I’m talking about Castlevania. What did you think I was talking about?”