Goodbye, old house

a love letter w/ haikus

Hello, friends! I moved last weekend, as I may or may not have mentioned 100 times. Many apologies for the repetition, I am actually the WORST story repeater (I believe this video is a sneak-documentary made about me). 

I keep talking about this move, though, because it feels particularly significant. I hesitate to say that other moves weren’t “real”, because I did really move my stuff and really live in those places and as far as I know, the actual buildings I lived in were real and not like, hyper-realistic stop motion. But this is the first place I have lived where I’m actually paying for my share of rent and utilities and stuff, my being here is not tied to any particular degree or program, and I’m living with 1 other person and several plants as opposed to 4-10 other people and no plants.

I love our new space. It’s awesome. But the last house I lived in did have a lot of character. By that I mean you couldn’t have the basement light and the hall light on at the same time, because then the doorbell would make this horrible buzzing sound.

In honor of that house, I want to share a few haikus I wrote about it back in February:

broken kitchen sink

raccoons are in the attic

oof, moldy bathroom

basement water, hm

why is the doorbell buzzing

was that a raccoon

pearly evil eyes

they’re sniffly trash pandas

sniffling in your trash 

Goodbye, house. I am grateful that you humbled me and taught me the pricelessness of having a safe, functional place to live, and that you gave me lots of material for my undoubtedly self-indulgent book of humor essays that I will one day write. Xoxoxo