When You've Been Married for Two Weeks You'll Understand

When you’ve been married for as long as I have, you learn some things. 

I wouldn’t expect you to get the nuances and ups and downs of just over two whole weeks of marriage - you who have only been dating for four years, or whatever. 

These are just the things that married people know - longtimers like me, that is. 

Marriage is just like the Olympics, I always say.

It’s hard work, and at least two weeks long. 

Nothing really compares to the wisdom that comes from a whole fortnight of marriage. So much wiser I am now, than when we were young, and married for less than a week! 

I could tell you so many stories from over the course of our marriage, like all the stuff that happened on Monday. 

Or last Thursday - that was a good day. 

You might think that things will stay the same, but you’d be surprised how much can change in two weeks. We’ve already changed the sheets and restocked the fridge.

Yup, sure has been a long and winding road, all the way from last Sunday to now. 

One day we’ll be celebrating our four week anniversary, can you imagine??

I can’t even tell you how many times we’ll have gone grocery shopping by then.

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